If you are looking for a Cantorial Soloist or Bat/Bar Mitzvah tutor, then you are looking forward to celebrating a special simcha, or joyous occasion – mazel tov!

Everyone marks their milestones in a unique and personal way; my goal is to work with families to plan the celebration that reflects who they are in their time of hopeful transition – b’rit milah, baby naming, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or wedding.

Preparing for Bat or Bar Mitzvah requires focused and individualized study; I am a tutor with over 5 years of experience guiding students of many ages, backgrounds and levels through their preparation to a successful service and celebration!

I am also availble to help people meet their Jewish life goals. If chanting a Torah portion, reciting blessings or developing a deeper understanding of prayer and ritual is something you want to do (at any stage of life) I want to help you!